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No one is free while
others are oppressed.
Introduction to Prisoner Reports regarding COVID-19:
We’re all adjusting to a new reality in these days of the world-wide plague known as COVID-19.We’ve seen and heard reports constantly about statistics, personal stories, the latest guidelines and restrictions, the people out of work, those in nursing homes, the homeless, and he rest of us as we grope through this new world of pandemic.

In our country’s prisons, the daily reality is so much deeper. Men and women with little or no control over their daily lives must live with the fear and uncertainty in a place where social distancing is impossible.

This page is dedicated to the prisoners in Missouri who are trying to cope with this deadly virus. Visiting has been cancelled, and many of the prisoners are quarantined, sometimes with no access to phones. Many are in adseg lockdown with no tablets. They must deal with the constant degradation and abuse that goes with segregation as well as the lack of media access.  

Daily, I receive phone calls, emails, and regular mail from prisoners in Missouri. I have been asking them for updates on developments in their prisons. This page contains their reports.

We hope readers will join the call for release of those who can be released, such as the elderly and those with serious illnesses, those serving time for parole violations that did not involve new crimes, and those with very short amounts of time left to be served. Very few of these prisoners were sentenced to death, yet being incarcerated during the plague can easily become a death sentence.

For Justice,
Hedy Harden, Chair
Missouri CURE
COVID-19 Behind the Walls