No one is free when others are oppressed.

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Solitary Confinement v. AdSeg in Missouri by Hedy Harden
​An Introduction by Hedy Harden, Chair of Missouri CURE.
​An in-depth look at abuses suffered by Missouri prisoners in segregation/solitary confinement. Individual stories of prisoners who live for weeks, months, years, and some even decades in tiny cells for 23 hours a day. As an example of the size of the problem, one maximum security prison in Missouri with a capacity of 1600 has more than 400 segregation cells, most of them housing two prisoners each.

Elvin's Story
​Despite Stage 3 colon cancer and wearing a colostomy bag, Elvin is living a nightmare of abuse and neglect.
Jay's Story
Mental illness leads to imprisonment, where non-treatment and further punishment is the norm.

Prisoner Narratives
Tony's Story
A first-person account of daily life in adseg; living in filth
Griffin El's Story
First-person account of daily oppression
Michael's Story
Torture starting at age 15 in adult prison
Ronnie's Story
First-person account of racism in lockdown
Isaiah's Story
"How to Correct a Caveman"