No one is free when others are oppressed.

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1-877-525-CURE (2873)
Note our New Address   P.O. Box 28931 
St. Louis MO 63132
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Welcome to 
Missouri CURE
               United for
               Rehabilitation of

CURE is an international movement that seeks to reduce crime through reform of the criminal justice system. International CURE website is

Missouri CURE organizes and unites offenders, their families, and others for education and advocacy in criminal 
justice issues.
Who We Are

Missouri CURE began in 1990 as a state chapter of National CURE.

Who Can Join? CURE members include prisoners, their families and loved ones, and other concerned members of the community.

What are the goals of CURE? To ensure that prisons are only used for those who absolutely must be incarcerated and that they are used only for the purposes of rehabilitation and education.
To make a contribution to Missouri CURE please click here. Your contributions are used to continue to advocate for prisoners and family members. Our major expenses are publishing and postage for our quarterly newsletter, Turning Point. A grassroots organization, CURE has no paid staff. Members volunteer their time. 
Membership Options
P.O. Box 28931
St. Louis MO 63132
To Join by Pay Pal: 

If you are paying for a prisoner membership, please include the prisoner's name, number and institution in the paypal notes so that we know you are paying for a prisoner. This will ensure that the newsletter is sent to the prisoner. When you click the pay button and sign in, the very top form has a link to add instructions to buyer; this is where you should add this information.

Other Payment Options
Check or Money Order: Make out to Missouri CURE (address below). 
Postage Stamps: As an alternative, you may send 5 postage stamps for each inmate membership.

Missouri CURE
P.O. Box 28931
St. Louis MO 63132

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Missouri CURE Upcoming Events

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Take Back the Vote!

No single act would help more in ending the epidemic of mass incarceration and the New Jim Crow than felon enfranchisement.  An initiative petition has been approved by Missouri's Secretary of State which would allow us to collect signatures of registered voters.  We must gather 170,000 of these signatures by April 1, 2016 in order to put this issue on the ballot.  If Missouri voters agree, all prisoners, probationers and parolees would gain the right to vote.  Two states, Maine and Vermont, already practice true democracy by giving everyone the right to vote.  We need your help!

If you would like to assist in getting signatures of registered voters on this petition, please contact John Knowledge, P.O. Box 150299, St. Louis MO 63115 or by email at

For more information and to download the petition, click this link: 
The Missouri Voter Disenfranchisement Reform Initiative