No one is free when others are oppressed.

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Please note that the entries on this page do not necessarily reflect the views of Missouri CURE.
From Behind the Walls

SECC (Charleston) NAACP branch hosted its Freedom Fund banquet on June 27, 2014.  Hedy Harden was in attendance.
MCC Branch 4071:  Missouri's oldest NAACP Branch at Moberly Correctional Center held its annual banquet on August 28, 2014 with the theme "The Struggle Continues."  Hedy Harden and Elston McCowan both spoke and received beautiful Humanitarian Award plaques.  Hedy said that Mike Brown's legacy has to be about addressing the problems of racism and mass incarceration.  "Just like your ancestors endured centuries of slavery, and just like your parents and grandparents marched and died fighting for civil rights in the 50s and 60s, people today are fighting for freedom and equality and for a brighter tomorrow."
NAACP Branch News
On February 28, 2015, Angelika Mueller-Rowry and Hedy Harden of Missouri CURE attended a Black History seminar at SCCC in Licking sponsored by the NAACP prison branch and the Gavel Club.  Our arrival was delayed by a heavy snowstorm and a 20-car pileup involving a semi-truck and a bus on I-44 near Rolla.  Although our time there was thus shortened, it was a productive and enjoyable visit.  Both of us gave speeches appropriate to the occasion.  Donations of $200.00 from each of the organizations were presented to CURE.  Award certificates were also presented to us as well as to others who were not able to attend, including Ashley Parker of the F.A.M.I.L.Y. campaign, CURE Vice-Chair Keith Brown El and CURE Secretary Kathy Franklin.  The men at Licking have been working hard to help pass legislation to reform the 85% law.
WERDCC Branch 44AB at Vandalia hosted a delightful program on October 15, the theme of which was "The Journey: Over and Beyond."  Elston McCowan, Redditt Hudson and Donna Sims represented the NAACP, while Angelika Mueller-Rowry and Hedy Harden represented Missouri CURE.  McCowan was the keynote speaker.  Hudson and Hedy also spoke, mentioning the significance of the Ferguson protests.  We were presented with certificates expressing "our gratitude to you for taking the time to support our chapter," and stating, "We are learning that we are worth fighting for and that the journey from statistic to overcomer begins within each one of us."
JCCC:  On October 22 Keith Brown El, Angelika Mueller, Evelyn Gates and Hedy Harden attended the annual Freedom Fund Dinner, enjoying a delicious dinner and some great company.  Lewis Diuguid of the K.C. Star and Hedy were keynote speakers.  Diuguid talked about traveling to Ferguson, where "Michael Brown, an 18-year-old unarmed Afri8can American, was gunned down on August 9 by a white police officer because he was seen as a suspect, a big black bad man--instead of someone who might someday find a cure for cancer or develop new means for human travel, or just be someone trying to enjoy 'life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.'"  Keith and Hedy were among those receiving award certificates.  The them was "The Quest for Justice and Equality," which was quite appropriate since October has been a month of protests and calls for justice and equality to rival the 60s.  October 22 was in fact the National Day against Mass Incarceration and the Criminalization of a Generation.  Keith's presence was very moving.  Speaking briefly, he admitted that it took a lot of courage for him to enter the prison after being incarcerated for 36 years and be convinced hat he would be walking back out.  He knew and spoke with many of the men.  One prisoner remarked, "This guy is the best mentor a person could ever have."
CURE Conducts Seminar at Vandalia:  On July 26, Hedy Harden led a seminar at the women's prison in Vandalia.  Sponsored by the NAACP prison branch, the focus was legislation and how to get family members involved.  Participation was lively with lots of questions and information exchanged.  Hedy gave an overview of the workings of the legislative system and CURE's efforts and hopefully dispelled some rumors.  NAACP officers Michelle Smith and Judy Pickens were very knowledgeable about laws and policies.  IAC Angelica Beaver was a gracious host.